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Happy New Year and out with the old and in with the NEW

Posted on January 2, 2017 at 4:55 AM

Well 2017 is here and in my soaping world I have decided to discontinue some lines and introduce others. I have been doing some serious internet surfing looking at Creamed Soaps.

Creamed soaps are good for making scrubs, shaving cream and lots more.

Its a complex process...but hey I like a challange!!!

Another exciting thing is happening partner is making a soap kitchen for me in our huge garage. He realises that my soaping is taking over the house and I need room to spread other words HE WANTS ME OUT OF THE HOUSE KITCHEN!

He has mentioned that the food has a hint of soapiness about it ( quietly between you and me...I have noted that sometime LOL)

Now I can see this is going to be very good for me if I am out in the man...soon to be women cave garage. My man will be cooking dinner more while I am experminting and making soaps. Its a WIN WIN for me.

I hope everyone has had a fantastic New Year and that 2017 is the year we can all say WHAT A RIDE.

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